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Poppik Large Poster with 1100 stickers – Constellations

Poppik Large Poster with 1100 stickers – Constellations

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These geometric stars are made up of three simple shapes: the square, the isosceles triangle and the diamond. These shapes are connected to each other in infinite ways to form fantastic shapes.

In this poster, stickers of different colors and shapes (triangles, squares and diamonds) are placed following a numerical code and beautiful mandalas are created.

Escape to the magic of a starry night by creating colorful mandalas in the style of a kaleidoscope.

Once completed it can become a beautiful decoration for the room.

This activity is designed by Sarah Andreacchio and made for children over 7 years old for the French company Poppik. In the European Union by the company Leporello – .

Dimensions: 1 x 60 cm
For children over 6 years old
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