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Svoora Magnetic Board Game 'Canned Fish'

Svoora Magnetic Board Game 'Canned Fish'

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Do all the sardines fit in the can? Open a card and try to be the first to solve the puzzle by first placing the pictured sardines in the correct position on your board and then trying to fill the gaps with the remaining ones. It is a board game-puzzle for 1 to 4 players, which develops the logical way of thinking and is suitable for practicing problem solving, concentration and spatial perception. The board and the sardines are magnetic, for an even more enjoyable game! The package includes: 4 board-cans, 4 magnetic sardine sets and 130 challenge cards of escalating difficulty with their solution. Suitable for ages 4 and up.


From 4 to 99 years old


W250 x H45 x D180 mm.

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