Collection: Kidywolf

 Kidywolf is a Belgian brand that describes itself as
"technological and fun". It was started in 2019 by three young people
fathers, Nicolas Wauters, Gary Garnier and Dimitri Georgis,
the brand certainly delivers on their promise with a range of
playful tech gadgets for kids (and their parents).
Each product has been tested on the road by the children themselves
founders and while all receive the approval regarding the color and the
fun, performance and purpose have not been compromised.
Their magnetic animal ear headphones are designed with cords
so as to avoid unnecessary exposure of children to Bluetooth.
The waterproof camera allows children to take pictures
without using the phone and the electric balance bike e
allows parents to enjoy longer walks without
needing to carry their young when they get tired.
Other fun devices include their electronic
growth tracker, night light and portable robot speaker!