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Crocodile Creek Ball 18cm. Earth

Crocodile Creek Ball 18cm. Earth

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Crocodile Creek

Every child loves playing with balls, and now with the Crocodile Creek Illustrated Ball there are no limits to play! This textured ball is 18cm in diameter and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Boys and girls ages 3 and up will love this ball!
Made of high quality natural and synthetic rubber and with a valve for easy inflation. The most important thing is that it does not contain PVC and BPA, giving you the security that your child is playing with a product that meets high safety standards.
The Crocodile Creek ball is not just a toy, but an opportunity for your child to develop basic skills such as throwing, catching and kicking. From camping to sports and outdoor activities, it will teach your child the importance of activity and an active lifestyle.
It has been carefully designed to exceed the usual specifications. It is made of durable high-quality materials and is subject to strict controls to ensure the safety of children.
Inspired by happy children's imagination, Crocodile Creek creates products that accompany our little friends on the most unforgettable adventures. By choosing the Crocodile Creek ball, you are choosing quality, safety and endless fun for your child.

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