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Jabadabado: Wooden harmonica Silver

Jabadabado: Wooden harmonica Silver

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For children who come into contact with music for the first time, this is the most stylish harmonica!

THE harmonica it is one wind instrument musical instrument whose ancestor is the polyaulos of the ancient Greeks, as well as the sheng of the Chinese or the so of the Japanese. In the West, the instrument became popular in the 19th century in mainly blues and country music.

The sounds are produced with a loud blow or a slurp and you move it left and right on the lips. You can hold it either with one hand or with the palms of your hands.

Learning a musical instrument enhances creativity, imagination, sociability and flexibility and helps build character in children.

Encourage your child to engage in music, it will do a lot of good in his daily life and in his psychology and who knows, he may develop a great talent!

Suitable from 3 years.

Dimensions: Product: Length 13cm

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