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Jaq Jaq Bird: Blackboard Coloring Book with Safari Chalks

Jaq Jaq Bird: Blackboard Coloring Book with Safari Chalks

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Coloring books for your little artists to become great painters without getting the house dirty!

That Jaq Jaq coloring book it's a great gift for kids, who will have it and be creatively employed everywhere!

A booklet with 8 blackboard pages, 4 blank and 4 with a pattern to create with chalks without borders but also without dust or stains !

The package includes a box with 4 Butterstix® Soft Chalks in 4 colors .

This is a liberating game zero dust (zero Dust™)!

So with products Jaq Jaq not only do you not waste paper, but you clean with great ease with one fresh cloth .

One ecological product specially designed for children with boundless imagination.

A small, light, portable book that can be used at home, when traveling and on every walk!

Draw with chalks without dust and without limits!

*The wooden stand in the photo is NOT included.

3+ years old

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