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Magna-Tiles 40 Piece Downhill Duo Magnetic Game

Magna-Tiles 40 Piece Downhill Duo Magnetic Game

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With the new MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece set , kids are at driver's seat ! Young children can turn building their MAGNA-TILES® into an exciting downhill adventure. Looking for a new way to inspire their imagination, develop their motor skills and support their STEAM learning? Button and imagine the possibilities with new Ramps, Roads, Containers and Figures!

  • Includes age-appropriate pieces for play and adventure.
  • Versatile pieces create multiple build options. Young racers can build a large ramp, set up a side-by-side downhill race.
  • Introduce the new magnetic figures into your MAGNA-TILES® world and experience a new level of imaginative play. The figures include magnets on the arms, legs and head to interact with existing MAGNA-TILES® pieces.
  • Kid-powered Dashers are specially designed to drive along ramps and play roads – their wheels run on the outside of the tiles and a small brake on the bottom regulates speed.
  • Inspired by the bold colors of the Metropolis 110-Piece set and the fan-favorite streets of the Builder 32-Piece set.
  • Part of the new MAGNA-TILES® In Motion

What is included:

  • 4 Ramps
  • 2 Vehicles (green and purple)
  • 2 figures (green and purple)
  • 6 street squares
  • 24 blocks
  • 2 Rectangles - End Lines
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