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Playmais: Constructions with corn sponges 1000pcs - The Farm

Playmais: Constructions with corn sponges 1000pcs - The Farm

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Build your own farm!

Colorful corn sponges, to make impressive constructions in a package with over 1000 pieces .

Playmais are well-known crafts that develop the fine mobility of the fingers , the patience and perseverance of children as well as their creativity to make new constructions with their imagination.


Includes pre-cut cardboard sheets for decoration and design, instructions and accessories


- It is a game suitable for children aged 5+ .

- The sponges stick together only with a little water . Simply wet a cloth or vetex and touch the sponges.

- They are made of corn starch, water and vegetable colors , without chemical additives and 100% biodegradable.

- PlayMais Classic have an average length of 3 cm (1.18 inches) and a diameter of about 1.5 cm (0.59 inches).

- Note: All playmais sponges do not contain gluten.

- Even if children try them, they are 100% safe (they smell and taste like popcorn).

 and with the rest of the sponges that will be left over, make more little people for your farm!

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