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Poppik Large Poster with 45 stickers - Birds

Poppik Large Poster with 45 stickers - Birds

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Unfold the large poster, stick the 45 repositionable stickers and discover the world's most famous birds.

This bird themed poster develops curiosity and enriches children's knowledge about nature and the creatures found in it. Children will have fun identifying different birds and will be motivated to learn more about them.

The poster depicts iconic birds from around the world: storks, parrots, kingfishers and more! The child must stick each figure in the correct place. With this game you will get to know and deepen your knowledge about birds in the most fun way.

This creative activity with stickers is very easy and fun while also enhancing the child's memory, concentration and calmness. It also develops children's artistic sensibilities as it is made by the great artist Sylvie Bessard who illustrated the poster.

The poster is printed on both sides: one is in French, the other in English and comes with an explanatory leaflet in Greek, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese.

Once completed it can become a beautiful decoration for the room.

For ecological reasons, this educational toy is manufactured in Spain, in a flat pack to minimize the ecological impact (manufacturing and transport) and complies with the CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate free and PEFC certified: from sustainably managed forests.

Poster dimensions: 1 mx 68 cm

Suitable for children 6-12 years old
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