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Poppik My First Stickers – Forest Animals

Poppik My First Stickers – Forest Animals

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This set from Poppik contains beautiful sticker cards for very young children.

There are six cards of woodland animals: fawns, ladybugs, squirrels, sparrows, hedgehogs and butterflies: a whole world to discover!

The child has to find the right spots, following a simple color code to place geometric stickers in the right place (the stickers can be removed in case of a mistake!) and create 6 very beautiful decorations for his room. Children play with the stickers and concentrate on this activity for several minutes.

The cards have a storage case, making it an ideal activity to play outside the home as well.

This activity is designed for young children ages 2 and up.

At the age when the child begins to manipulate his movements precisely, playing with stickers is a great exercise that promotes calmness and concentration and helps develop his fine motor skills as well as color and shape recognition.

For children over 2 to 4 years old

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