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Svoora My SvooryTales Magnetic Storybook 'Far at Sea'-02003

Svoora My SvooryTales Magnetic Storybook 'Far at Sea'-02003

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Travel to the wonderful world of inspiration and storytelling with the game 'SvooryTales'! An original and highly creative game that follows the design structure of a traditional vintage book. Inside it there are 3 pages which correspond to the 3 stages of narration: Introduction, Ideation-Narration and Solution. Included in the package are magnets that can be randomly selected and placed on these pages. Based on the illustrated elements the storyteller creates various stories, each with its own distinct plot or with countless alternative versions! In this way, the expectation is cultivated in the young listeners to expect something magical to happen, which will surely never be the same as the possibilities of the story are endless! It is ideal for children over 3 years old while at the same time it is a very useful tool for parents, teachers, counselors and speech therapists. Extremely original, made of safe materials and with modern touches in its design, it contains 8 magnets with locations, 16 with characters and 32 with objects, which are safely stored in a cotton case. Also included is a write-on marker that makes it possible to write on the lined pages all the fictional names as well as the individual features of the images.


From 3 to 99 years old


W175 x H50 x D235 mm.

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