Collection: Kiddimoto

Kiddimoto - No. 1 manufacturer of balance bikes!

They are the best balance bikes on the market and have won awards for their innovation and ergonomics!

The balance bike is the best way for the child to learn to ride a bike!
Starting on a balance bike children develop balance skills without having to pedal. They learn to control their body and then the bike .
They feel safe by mastering their balance and become stronger. Just the thought that they are accomplishing something that at first seems difficult makes them full of self-confidence.
A child needs the "push" and guidance from parents but wants to succeed on his own.
In the same way on the balance bike, at first the child wants to hold the saddle and push, but with time he will need them less and less. At the beginning, he will step on his legs, slowly let them go one by one and finally lift them together. A child who starts from an early age to gain balance also cultivates his mind since he starts the process of controlling his body and thus becomes stronger mentally as well as physically.