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Haba Children's board game - Pantomime in a metal box

Haba Children's board game - Pantomime in a metal box

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Do you know what pantomime is? In it, people, without speaking, use only gestures and facial expressions to recreate objects, situations, feelings. Children with their children's play Haba Pantomime they will also be able to play the role of mimes.

The game includes 48 cards with pictures of various objects. After the child draws a card, he must be able to recreate a design with hand and body movements so that the other players can recognize it. The winner can be the player who managed to explain the most cards or the player who knew the most objects. And why shouldn't we? 2 winners?

Pantomime is great fun and develops imagination not only in children but also in adults. The excellent version of the Haba brand is made with simple and clean, easily recognizable images. In addition, in the metal box, you will find 7 blank cards in which you can design items or just try to challenge players to know how to play anything! The set includes one hourglass to measure time.

The game is suitable for 4 players over the age of 4.

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