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MICKI: Wooden Loom

MICKI: Wooden Loom

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MICKI's wooden looms , a favorite pastime of children and adults, economical and at the same time so very beneficial!

One of the favorite toys of the children who cultivates it imagination and creative thinking !

Important benefits:

  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Hand - eye coordination
  • Stimulating problem solving skills

Even more important:

Through weaving, feelings are expressed that are not easy to put into words, children relax and cultivate their self-esteem after completing something on their own, truly theirs.


Along with the loom you will also have the your first threads to start your creations right away:

  • 5m soft & thick thread
  • 5m curling thread
  • 2m silk ribbon


Age: 3+
Material: Wood, Yarn
Dimensions: 380X280X330

Ideas for the textiles you will make:

  • Dream traps
  • Macrame bracelets
  • Bags
  • Dollhouse mats and blankets
  • Coaster for a gift
  • Decorative textiles for the wall
  • Clothes and accessories for dolls

It complies with the EN71 toy standard and the applicable chemical regulations in REACH and SVHC. PVC and phthalate free.

THE Swedish MICKI since 75 years is planning classic wooden toys which offer children endless hours of fun and creativity while appealing to all ages!

It has a comprehensive collection that includes large size looms for original creations, smaller ones that are practical to carry on trips and holidays, and round ones for dreamy round boho designs.

You can take him with you on outings or even on your holidays, thus ensuring that the child is creatively occupied anywhere!

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