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Poppik My First Stickers – Nature

Poppik My First Stickers – Nature

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This set from Poppik contains beautiful sticker cards for very young children.

There are six cards with fruit trees, birds, animals a whole world to discover! On these six cards, we stick the stickers on the dotted lines following the colors. Little by little, the pictures are colored! Once completed the cards will make a nice collection of small paintings to decorate the room. A very easy activity that little hands will love. Children play with the stickers and concentrate on this activity for several minutes.

The cards have a storage case, making it an ideal activity to play outside the home as well.

This activity is designed for young children ages 2 and up.

At the age when the child begins to manipulate his movements precisely, playing with stickers is a great exercise that promotes calmness and concentration and helps develop his fine motor skills as well as color and shape recognition. The child is encouraged to notice the details in the picture and the colors, to identify and name each element. The stickers are very easy to remove from the cards and can be re-attached to them an infinite number of times.

For children over 2-4 years old

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