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Sycomore-Lightbox LED and cards with Manga designs

Sycomore-Lightbox LED and cards with Manga designs

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Write, draw and create amazing works of art without limits! This bright whiteboard brings out the artist in you with its soft and eye-friendly LED light. Painting will become even more enjoyable as your eyes remain as rested as ever. The gradation of brightness of the stand has 3 levels, so that you can depict the various shadows in detail on the A4 size paper. A real workshop to create your own manga.

A lightweight A4 size tablet with adjustable brightness and measuring scale for accurate drawing to color cards with designs inspired by Japanese comics

It comes in a very beautiful box with a magnetic clasp, which can be used to store your creations. The set includes: 12 cards with pre-printed designs, 10 double-tipped markers in different widths, a micro-usb cable and an instruction booklet.

Features: With USB port
Power Supply: USB

From the French company Sycomore.

Dimensions: 36X26X5 cm. For children over 10 years old.

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